What is a Bikefit?

A bikefit is a service where a professional makes adjustments to a bike to fit the client's needs. There are several assessments that we as professionals must adhere to during a session. The first, and most important one, being understanding the client's needs. We need to know if they're experiencing any pain on the bike, or if they're training for an event etc. We then go on to assess the client's physical anatomy, bike positioning, and make any adjustments needed.

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Who can get a Bikefit?

Anyone can get a bikefit! Whether you're a Grand Tour racer, or like to occasionally cycle with friends on a weekend, having a bike that is tailored to you is vital.


How long and how much is a session?

I offer two types of session:

A standard bikefit session, which includes physical assessments, bike assessment, and any adjustments made. This usually takes around 75 minutes and costs £95.

I also offer a bikefit and sports massage session, which goes through all of the above, plus a sports massage to a muscle group that may be bothering you, on or off the bike. This session takes around 105 minutes, and costs £125.


What can you gain from it?

I believe that you can gain a lot from a single bikefit. You often learn a lot about your anatomy, and how every body is different. Just because an adjustment worked for one person does not specifically mean it will help you, so it's important that we explore all your options.

 A bikefit also means you should gain comfort when riding, whether it's through adjustments, or advice for which pieces of equipment you may need.

Finally, and most importantly, you should be able to gain enjoyment on and off the bike. Having comfort when cycling means you're less likely to gain overuse injuries, and means you're more likely to enjoy cycling just that little bit more!

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 Bikefit adustments

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