Welcome to The Sports Rehab Lab.

Between our team of specialists from a variety of different disciplines, fully-equipped facilities and holistic approach to injury rehabilitation, we're uniquely equipped to diagnose and treat any tweak, ache or injury.

Our services go beyond athletes or sportspeople – We understand that anybody and everybody can be injured, no matter how physically active you may be. Whether you're coming to us about tennis elbow from too much sport, neck pain from too many hours at a desk or anything in between, we're confident we can help you.

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 Services available at our sports injury clinic in Southend


man stretching out arm using tension bands

Injury Rehabilitation 

Kick-start your journey on the road to recovery with our comprehensive approach to injury rehabilitation.

massage on persons calf


Destress, decompress and prevent future injuries with our range of therapeutic deep tissue massage treatments.


man exercising with kettle bell weights

Strength & Conditioning 

Prevent injuries from ever occurring and strength your joints with our strength and conditioning services.

woman looking down white working out on gym equipment

A person getting shockwave therapy on their shoulder

Shockwave Therapy 

If you're at your wits end with a nagging injury but don't want to consider more drastic invasive options, consider shockwave therapy from the Sports Rehab Lab.








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About the Team

The Sports Rehab Lab is more than just a physical clinic – It is a team of 6 specialists from a variety of fields, ranging from personal trainers to counsellors. This means that we have an expert in just about every possible area of injury prevention and treatment, and leaves us positioned to target the physical, mental and even spiritual side of your physical wellness.

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Meet The Team






  Why should you go for us? 

Holistic approach

No two injuries are the same. People may come to us with the same injury, but each will have a different history of injury, level of physical activity and reaction to the pain. Our approach emphasises getting to grips with the how and the why of your injury and treats you as an individual, instead of catering to the lowest common denominator and giving everybody the same textbook treatment.


While most sports rehabilitation clinics consist of little more than a single room and a chair, the Sports Rehab Lab is a fully-equipped facility with an in-house rehabilitation centre, free weights and access to a track. 

Range of experience

With over 50 years of experience between them, each one of our team members comes has a unique skillset and perspective. 








Our Mission and Approach

Although injury rehabilitation and sports massages are our staple services and form the foundation of our business, our team includes experts in a wide range of fields including osteopathy, counselling and meditation. This means we're able to go beyond the scope of what a typical sports injury clinic in Southend or beyond can offer by addressing issues that lie under the surface.







Kerian talking with patient in practice room.



Benefits of a Dual Approach

This dual approach informs our physical offerings as well – We account for the mental blocks and psychological aspects of injuries that others might overlook. Being inured can be stressful, anxiety-inducing and even traumatising, yet equally these can play a role in getting injured in the first place. Our approach leaves no stone unturned, and ensures you recover both physically and mentally.





Keeping an Eye on Recovery

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all answer to injury rehabilitation, and keep a close eye on our patient's recovery. With a vast array of tools, methods and specialities at our disposal, we're able to tweak our approach on the fly should your recovery slow down or stall or try something different altogether should you turn out to not be a good fit for our initial plan.

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Our Facilities

Our sports injury clinic in Southend is based on the second floor of the Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, with access to a viewing platform over the athletics track (Something our members have free access to). The centre has a lift by reception for disability access.

You can find us at:

Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, 
Garon Park, 
Eastern Avenue, 

We have 3 treatments rooms and a fully-stocked rehabilitation centre/gym, meaning we are equipped to handle anything.



Our Sponsorships 

 Injury clinic in Southend

The Sports Rehab Lab is a proud supporter of Castle Point Joggers. This club meets regularly in Hadleigh Cricket Club, and is a welcoming and friendly running club happy to work with beginners and seasoned runners alike. They are dedicated to helping all kinds of people in South Essex improve stamina, confidence, and general fitness. We are proud to associate ourselves with CPJ, and offer running gait analysis to help reduce the likelihood of injury.

If your interested in joining the Castle Point Joggers see their website;  cpjoggers.com

 Injury clinic in Southend

Havens Hospices provide free support and care for people of all ages living with incurable conditions. They make a real difference in the lives of people who need it most, so they can make every day count, and offer a wide range of life-improving therapies. They also help people access benefits, local services, mental health support, and more, across the South Essex region. This care and support is provided absolutely free of charge by the superb team at Havens Hospices

you can find out more about the amazing services offered by Havens Hospices on their website;  havenshospices.org.uk