At our clinic, a common concern we often encounter is the persistent issue of upper back and neck tightness and pain. Many individuals have been living with these discomforts for years, thinking it's just a normal part of life. However, over time, these seemingly manageable aches can escalate, leading to restricted movement, a sensation of a 'heavy head,' and frequent headaches or migraines.



For many of our patients, the root cause lies in the development of trigger points within the muscles, resulting in chronic pain and stiffness. These trigger points create a hypoxic environment in the muscles, limiting movement and causing discomfort. If left unaddressed, these areas become weaker, putting strain on surrounding muscles and increasing the risk of trigger points forming there as well. This cascade effect can contribute to various upper back and neck issues, often manifesting as shoulder complaints or joint pain.


A variety of factors contribute to the development of upper back pain and neck problems, including stress, prolonged sitting, or repetitive movements. Traumatic events, such as whiplash or untreated injuries from years ago, can also play a role in the development of chronic pain.


So, how do we tackle these issues for a long-term solution?


Our approach starts with restoring optimal neuromuscular function by addressing tightness and trigger points through personalised massage techniques and soft tissue release. Once normal function is restored, we focus on education, modifying activities, and implementing rehabilitative exercises to minimize the risk of a recurrence. In cases where the primary risk factor is unmodifiable, we recommend regular sessions to prevent symptoms from resurfacing.


The key message here is that you don't have to endure persistent aches and pains. It's crucial to address them early on to prevent them from evolving into more serious and debilitating conditions. While some discomforts may naturally resolve, many require attention and intervention to ensure a pain-free and active life. Don't just 'live with the pain' – take proactive steps towards your well-being.


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