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Improving your sports performance by improving the fundamentals

No matter your sport or pursuit, improving the fundamentals of athleticism will always pay off.

Our performance coaching is centred around finding the weak points in your sporting performance and reverse-engineering them into strengths. The how of this depends on your sport, activity levels and build – The weak link for a golfer might be the fast-twitch muscles fibres in their shoulders, just as the weakness in a rugby player could be their hand-eye coordination.

As a result, our performance coaching could centre around your strength, conditioning levels, reaction time, flexibility or mindset. We place a special emphasis on ‘peaking' for particular events, if you have a major competition on the horizon, and can build our program around this.

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Frequently Asked questions

Do I need to be experienced in my sport to benefit from performance coaching?

Every athlete has room to improve, whether they're a novice or a national champion. Athletes of any and all stripes will benefit from our performance coaching, as long as they are willing to improve.

How many sessions do I need?

This depends on your sport, weak points and whether you're looking to peak for a competition. Regardless, we're certain you will see benefits after even a single session.




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