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Improve your stride, reduce your times and prevent injuries

Running is a unique form of exercise - It's a natural movement we've evolved to perform, yet it's very easy to get injured.

A running analytics session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to turn yourself into a better, safer runner. Your specialist will examine your gait, balance, strength, flexibility and power to put together a customised plan tailored for you and your needs.

The running assessment is a 90-minute appointment, during which we will go over a lot of information (This will be sent over to you in writing afterwards). You will be provided a weekly routine of exercises and running cues to practice on, which is why the weekly follow-ups are heavily suggested to keep you on the right track and to ensure you don't forget each component.

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Frequently Asked questions

How are the sessions structured?

The first appointment will be a 90-minute analysis, followed by 5 weekly 30-minuts checkups to make sure the programme is working and that you are becoming a better runner.  As the first session tends to be very information-dense, this gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you end up having.

Why might I need a running analysis?

Running is a very injurious activity, with statistics showing regular running can expect one injury per 100 hours of running. If you find yourself getting injured regularly while running, or you simply want to reduce the likelihood of getting injured at all, a running analysis will equip you with the knowledge about how to best run according to your stride, gait and build.




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