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Strength and conditioning forms the foundation physical activity. When you make the body stronger better conditioned, you raise the floor in nearly every other physical metric like power, endurance and speed.

Within the realm of sports this translates into better performance across the board. In day-to-day life this means stronger joints and ligaments, a healthier cardiovascular performance and often improved confidence. Everyone can benefit from our strength and conditioning coaching, no matter their age or level of physical activity.

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Frequently Asked questions

What equipment do you have at the Sports Rehab Lab?

Our on-site gym includes a barbell, a power rack, dumbbells of varying weights and a cable machine.

I also have sports training. Will strength and conditioning coaching hurt my performance?

The human body can only do so much at any one time. That's why a solid strength and conditioning program is written around your other physical commitments to ensure you're still fresh and ready for other sports and aren't overtrained.




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