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Meet our expert team of physical, mental and spiritual wellness specialists

Our no-stone-unturned approach to injury rehabilitation is informed by our unmatched range of expertise. With a specialist in just about every area of physical and mental wellness under our roof, we're uniquely positioned to offer a full scope of treatment.

Beyond our services as a sports injury clinic in Southend, the varied experience of our team means we can offer other services like counselling and reiki healing.

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 Kieran, cofounder and sports therapist headshot




Kieran Mote

Cofounder, sports therapist, strength and conditioning coach, running mechanics educator

With over 10 years of industry experience across under his belt, Kieran is both the owner and in-house specialist injury rehabilitation at the Sports Rehab Lab.

To him, treating an injury goes far beyond the physical - Just as his patients recover from their injuries, so do they rediscover their confidence as they see a line at the end of the tunnel. This is the driving force behind Kieran's work, and every day he's thankful for the fact he gets to help people for a living at his sports injury clinic in Southend.

When Kieran isn't helping people in the clinic, he's helping people in the community. He's been working with Havens Hospices for over a decade to help people run the London Marathon, and volunteers at the annual Harp24 run every year to make sure contestants make it to the end.

He's also the event director for the CHALKWELL BEACH parkrun.

Kieran's qualifications:

  • BSc Sport Therapy
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach with “Strength and Conditioning Education”
  • Running mechanics educator from “The Running School”

Kieran can help you with:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning coaching
  • Running analytics

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 Daryl, cofounder and performance coach headshot




Daryl Blows

Cofounder, athletics coach, performance coach, strength and conditioning coach

Daryl has dedicated over a decade of his life to coaching sports, with a particular passion for performance coaching. He's mentored athletes from all sporting backgrounds reach their full potential and dominate their field, and over time has developed an in-depth understanding of sports periodisation to ensure his athletes are at their physical best on the big day.

Whatever your sports discipline, Daryl can help you take your performance to the next level. His approach emphasises a balance of strength and coordination, improving reaction times and control while improving the athlete's endurance and general physical preparedness.

Daryl has taken his love of athletics to the next level by founding SSAthletics, a UKA-affiliated athletics club that now boasts over 200 athletes.

Daryl's qualifications:

  • BSc in Sports Science
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist Qualification
  • Specialist Secondary Aptitude Coach
  • UKA Athletics coach

Daryl can help you with:

  • Performance coaching
  • Strength and conditioning

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 ellie, sports therapist headshot




Ellie Clements

Sports Therapist

Having newly graduated from university, Ellie already has a year of clinic experience and over 3 years of sports massage experience.

Ellie thoroughly enjoys helping athletes regain their full potential during the rehabilitation process, rebuilding the injured area from the ground up in a way that suits their sport and activity levels before seeing them back in play after time off. She finds the process of sports therapy extremely rewarded, especially when the athlete comes to the clinic with low morale and leaves eager to get back in play.

Outside the clinic, Ellie is an avid road cycler and keen gymgoer, so you may well see her coming and going from the leisure centre.


  • BSc in Sports Therapy

Ellie can help you with:

  • Injury Rehabilitation

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 Matthew, Sports Therapist headshot




Matthew Gauci

Sports Therapist

Having recently graduated from university, Matthew honed his skills within the world of professional football, bringing a wealth of experience to the table, alongside experience in the clinical background. With several years of hands-on expertise in professional football and clinical settings, he is well-equipped to address the unique needs of athletes and individuals seeking rehabilitation.

Matthew's passion lies in helping athletes regain their peak performance, whether it's on the field or in everyday life. He eagerly embraces the task of rehabilitating injured areas, crafting treatment approaches that precisely match the individual's particular athletic requirements and activity levels. Matt's dedication and expertise shine brightest when he witnesses the transformation of his clients.  Matt derives immense satisfaction from the transformative journey of sports therapy, where clients who initially arrive at his clinic with low spirits depart with renewed enthusiasm to rejoin their sporting activities.

When not busy in the clinic , you'll often find Matt in the gym working on his fitness goals. Additionally, he is passionate about football, frequently engaging in this sport to stay active and competitive. In the past, he was a national-level athlete in Malta, competing in athletics with great enthusiasm.

Matthew's qualifications

  • Bsc Sports Therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Cupping therapy

Can help you with 

  • Injury rehabilitation

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 Vanessa, holistic and spiritual therapist headshot




Vanessa Dark

Holistic wellbeing and spiritual health

Vanessa has over 4 years of on-hand experience working in the field of holistic wellbeing, which she integrates into her spiritual approach. She finds guiding people through their spiritual journey and beginning the healing process to be immensely satisfying, and helps them along the way via meditation and practicing gratitude.

She found herself drawn to reiki in particular during the Covid lockdowns, and since making the jump to performing it full-time has helped dozens improve their physical and spiritual wellness. Both athletes struggling with recovery and everyday people have seen tremendous concentration and healing benefits from her reiki services, and she hopes she can do the same for you.

Vanessa can help you with:

  • Reiki healing
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Meditation

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