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Injury rehabilitation 

Taking care of all your acute and chronic injuries, from nagging shoulders to dodgy knees.

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Helping you unwind and relax, or speeding up your physical recovery.


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Injury rehabilitation, holistic treatments and performance enhancements

Based out of the Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, the Sports Rehab Lab specialises both general and sports rehabilitation in Southend.

We all get injured at some point, no matter how much we might exercise or our chosen sport. The only questions are how often we get injured, how long for and how we let it affect us. Our diverse team have a variety of skillsets, covering everything from injury prevention to sports rehabilitation to even the subtler mental knock-on effects injuries can have on your confidence.

Despite the name, we don't exclusively work with sportspeople. We're as at home rehabbing acute tendon injuries from contact sports as we are gently treating lower back pain, and we also offer a full scope of spiritual wellbeing and mental health services on top of this.

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If you have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us via our enquiry form.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our sports injury clinic in Southend

Do I need to be active to visit the clinic?

No, our sports injury clinic in Southend is for everyone and anyone with a body. Muscles are in the same place regardless of your activity level.

Do you deal with all ages?

Depending on the practitioner and your particular treatment, we can deal with the majority of ages from 9 to 100+. We tend to not deal with younger ages, as these fall into a more specialist field. From the age of 9, however, we start to develop a more structured anatomy.

Geriatric clients are perfectly welcome at the clinic, but we would need a full history of any medical conditions, if any.

Do you have disability access?

Our sports injury clinic in Southend is based on the second floor, yet there is an elevator by the ground floor reception. If necessary, we can meet you there with a wheelchair if the walk proves too strenuous for your ability level or injury.

What should I bring to my treatment or appointment?

We would advise loose clothing, clean footwear (Please note that we do not permit outdoor trainers in our gym space, if you will be using this) and easy access to the problem area if applicable.

I'm a member of a local sports club, is a discount available?

Please ask on initial contact and we will confirm this for you.




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If you have any questions about our team, services or our sports injury clinic in Southend, please reach out to us via our contact form. We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

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